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Welcome to! Here we offer our readers a full and comprehensive look into the world of music. Music is all encompassing and comes in a huge variety of forms, techniques and genres. It can make friends and it can break them, but whatever your choice, style and taste, we have room for it here.

We cover all genres of music. Nothing is too small or too strange or too mainstream for us to tackle. From pop to rock, indie to Goth, experimental to electronica, we have it all. And who knows? Maybe you will find something new as well. In conjunction with this, we specifically outline various different genres of music in order to expose them to a wider audience. We bring both new and old artists into focus so that our readers (or should we say listeners!) can get to know more about their favourite artists and bands, or just simply learn something about an artist they’ve never heard of.

We also will be bringing you the latest information on album releases and tour dates, so that everyone can be up-to-date in all aspects of the musical world no matter which country you are in. And don’t forget, you can join in too! If there is a band or artist we’ve missed or who you would like us to write about, simply give us a shout. After all, we want to create a musical community together, combining our love of music to create new friendships and hopefully come across something new and exciting in the music world.